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Tafsir As-Sadi Vol 2
  • Tafsir As-Sadi Vol 2

Tafsir As Sadi Volume 2

Tafsir As-Sadi Vol 2 By Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman bin Nasir as-Sadi

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Tafsir As-Sadi Vol 2 By Shaykh Abd ar-Rahman bin Nasir as-SadiThis is the second volume of the English translation of the famous work, Taysir al-Karim ar-Rahman fi Tafsir Kalam al-Minan, better known as Tafsir as-Sadi. Tafsir as-Sadi is well-known in the Arab world for its simple style, and is read by many to help them understand the meaning of the Quranic verses.Contains Following Surahs Al-Araf Al-Anfal At-Tawbah Yunus Hud Yusuf Ar-Rad Ibrahim Al-Hijr An-Nahl Al-IsraShaykh Abdullah b. Abd al-Aziz b. Aqil, who was the former president of the Permanent Commission of the Supreme Judicial Council in Saudi Arabia and a former student of the Shaykh, said the following concerning this book "This exegesis of the Quran is distinguished in its simplicity and clarity. It has been written in an eloquent style and contains no undertones or hidden meanings. It concentrates on conveying the intended meaning of the verses with utmost clarity through the use of concise and clear phrases that can be understood by all who read it, irrespective of their level of education. It is so effortless to understand that a single read allows one to comprehend it. The Shaykh has also taken care of ingraining in it the creed of the pious predecessors, the legislative rulings, the basic principles, and the benefits of jurisprudence, as well as many other benefits, which are not found in some other commentaries. Additionally, the Shaykh emphasis on explaining the verses of the Attributes of Allah according to the creed of the pious predecessors." Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymin, a former student of the Shaykh and a great scholar on his own, said the following concerning this book "This book is among the best commentaries of the Quran. It stays away from mentioning the different opinions, except where the differences are strong and their mention is needed. This is a merit for the reader in that his understanding will be established on one thing. It also follows the way of the pious predecessors in explaining the verses of the Attributes of Allah without deviation or interpretation that contradicts the intent of Allahs words. I advise every individual who seeks the books of tafsir and commentary to ensure that his library is not dispossessed of this valuable commentary."

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