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Between Love, Hope and Fear
  • Between Love, Hope and Fear

Between Love Hope and Fear

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Between Love, Hope and Fear Inspiration, motivation, an uplifting spiritual boost - if you are craving any of these, you've come to the right page! Between Love, Hope & Fear, a unique anthology, was published by An-Najm Publishers to give you the above and a little bit more. It is not a standard book of poetry and prose - there are enough of those on bookshelves already - rather, it is a book that aims to bring a little light into your life and give you the inspiration, motivation and spiritual boost to drive you to try to be the best Muslim you can be.

In the words of Rukhsana Hussain, from London, Between Love, Hope & Fear touches on Islamic ideals without being instructional - a book that shows you what you need to achieve success, not just telling you. And while achieving success in this life is possible, we want you to think further than that, and thus with the inspiring poetry, motivating short stories and spiritually boosting essays overspilling in Between Love, Hope & Fear, youll be a step closer to achieving true success real love of Allah, fear of His Punishment and hope in His Mercy, all beautifully balanced. Are you ready to live a life between love, hope & fear?

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Between Love Hope and Fear

Between Love Hope and Fear

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