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Teaching Children Tawheed
  • Teaching Children Tawheed

Teaching Children Tawheed

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Teaching Children Tawheed by Imam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab Examples from the Quran, the Authentic Sunnah and Statements of the companions, in relation to raising Children. Giving the Children a Good Beginning Establishing a conducive environment for Children in the home Showing Love, Affection and Mercy towards the Children Good treatment towards ones Children and providing for them and fulfilling their Rights Teaching Children Tawheed and the Correct Aqeedah Teaching Children the Danger of Innovation in the Deen and Protecting them from it Encouraging the Children upon Acts of Worship and Obedience Encouraging the Children upon Seeking Knowledge Supplicating for the Children and Greeting them and Conveying Salaam to them Kindness and Good Manners towards the Children and being patient with them Justice between the Children Cultivating the Children upon Good Manners and Etiquettes Marrying off ones Daughters Dealing with the Children during the Prayer Keeping the Children inside at the time of Maghrib Verily among your Wives and your Children there are Enemies for you

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