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The Sword of Allah Khalid bin Al Waleed
  • The Sword of Allah Khalid bin Al Waleed

Khalid bin Al Waleed

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Khalid bin Al Waleed (The Sword of Allh) was the hero of Islam. He led several battles and was always victorious. He conquered the apostates, especially Musailamah Al-Kadhab (the Liar) and restored order and peace to the Arabian Peninsula.

He devised military tactics, which, by the help of Allah, made him defeat the huge Roman army. He was very tough with his enemies but at the same time very lenient witth,his brother Muslims.  

When he died Umar bin Khattab cried and said "Women will never give birth to one like you "

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Abdul Basit Ahmad

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Khalid bin Al Waleed

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