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Consensus of the Islamic Jurists
  • Consensus of the Islamic Jurists

Consensus of the Islamic Jurists

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Consensus of the Islamic Jurists Imam Muhammad bin Ibrahim al-Mundhir is a book on the Consensus of the Islamic Jurists, is an English translation of the Arabic book al-Ijma by In this work.

Unique in its subject matter as it deals with only those issues of Islamic jurisprudence that the scholars agreed on. The translator has added annotations to the work that may offer benefit for those who wish to study the subject matter further.

This expansive knowledge of the difference of opinion and issues of fiqh and usul al-fiqh placed ibn Mundhir in excellent grasp of the knowledge of the issues upon which the Islamic community agreed, thereby permitting him to author the book al-Ijma.

Anyone who knows of this topic and reads this book with an open mind will come to know that this book is the best of its kind on the this subject. For this reason ibn Qudamah, in al-Mughni, quotes often from al-Ijma and from ibn Mundhirs other works. Also, Imam al-Nawawai said in al-Majmu, "Anything I quote from al-Ijma of ibn Mundhir is an example of excellence in this science.

" Ibn Hajar and al-Qurtubi also quoted from him as did ibn Rushd in his book Bidayat al-Mujtahid.The author is Muhammad b. Ibrahim al-Mundhir, Abu Bakr al-Nisaburi. He was a great scholar in the various Islamic sciences and disciplines. He eventually resided in Makkah and became the Shaykh of the Haram (the Holy Sanctuary).

He later died there around the year 318 AH. The scholars have said the following about him Adh-Dhahabi said, The unique scholar of hadith and jurisprudence, and the Shaykh of the Haram, the one who authored books, the likes of which have never been written.”An-Nawawi said, The famous imam and one of the imams of Islam. Everyone has agreed to the fact that he was an imaam, virtuous, and very knowledgeable both in the field of hadith and fiqh…He is at the highest level of knowledge when it comes to which hadiths are authentic and which ones are weak.

”As-Subki said, The imaam, Abu Bakr an-Nisaaboori, the one who resided in Makkah and one of the great scholars of this Nation. He was an imaam, a mujtahid, a haafidh, and extremely pious.”Ibn Hajar said, The hafidh, the great scholar, the author of many works. He was upright and truthful from what I know.”Ibn Khalkaan said, He was a faqih and an absolute scholar.”

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Consensus of the Islamic Jurists

Consensus of the Islamic Jurists

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