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Yemeni Sidr Honey 250g Grade A Summer Season

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Pure Yemeni Sidr Honey Summer Harvest 250g, Pure (Grade A) Yemeni sidr honey is produced from the flowers of its mother plant, the wild sidr tree, also known as Christ’s thorn, which grows in the uncultivated desert areas of Yemen (Tihamah & hadramout).

The bees producing it collect the nectar exclusively from the sidr tree, which makes it so rich and special. Both fresh and dried sidr leaves have been used internally and externally by the Arabs for thousands of years for their medical and disease curing benefits. Unlike many others, sidr honey is harvested using traditional methods and manual labor.

Yemeni Sidr Honey is one of the purest forms of honey in the world. Its prized reputation is based on the unique features of the sacred Sidr trees.

The Sidr tree has a potent, aromatic smell that attracts bees that look forward to the highly nutritious food in the flower caps of these trees.

The nectar produced inside the flowers is extremely rich and full of nutrients & minerals which contribute to the medicinal properties of the honey.

The Sidr trees grow naturally in areas of Yemen, untouched by modern farming methods and the honey is produced with traditional beekeeping methods that include only simple tools thus producing the same high-quality honey in every batch.

The Sidraṫ al-Munṫahā is also mentioned in the Quran, it is a large enigmatic lote tree or Sidr tree that marks the end of the seventh heaven.

In The Noble Quran Allah mentions the benefits of honey in Surah Al Nahl (The Bee).

“Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down (for you). There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colours, in which there is healing for people. Indeed, in that is a sign for a people who give thought”.

[Chapter 16 Verse 69]

No pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers are used to grow these trees and the honey extraction process is carried out using simple tools, a little smoke, and some sharp knives.

The honey is then poured, unheated and raw, into containers, which preserves its nutritional value and sent to the local markets. Depending on the process of harvesting, the cost of this honey can vary, as it is sometimes harvested by machines in countries such as Iraq, Oman, Kazakhstan, and Morocco, making it cheaper, however Yemeni sidr honey is the purest and highest grade available due to the quality of its sidr trees, manual labour and the environment.

It has also been found to have a PH that is the same as the PH of the human body, which helps it to be absorbed and processed by the body very quickly. Difficulty in transporting this monofloral honey also adds to the cost and is one of the reasons why it’s scarce.

Pure Yemeni sidr honey is well-known in The Middle East as one of the best medical honey in the world that is filled with many nutrients and antioxidants.

This rich natural honey has been known to help cure and treat many diseases, illnesses and conditions. In fact it is so good, it would be a crime to not try this wonderful natural healer and have it as an essential part of your diet and first aid kit!

Some of the benefits are:

Alleviates Allergies

All-Natural Energy Drink

Boosts Memory

Helps with Coughs & Colds

Sleep Aid

Treats Wounds and Burns

The Best for Diabetes

Heart Disease


Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Helps with Skin Problems

Helps with Infertility Problems

Helps with Cancer Treatment

There are so many other health benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey and people have sworn by it for an improved memory and for help in treating cancer symptoms. Our honey is extracted carefully to keep it untainted and of superior quality so you can enjoy its true benefits in the purest form.

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