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Hijama Therapy A Complete Manual of The Arabic Cupping Points

An excellent comprehensive book on Hijama Therapy for the serious student and practitioner by Dr. M I Mughal

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A Compiled Manual For Students, Professionals & Practitioners of Hijama, Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy.

Features of This Book

1. Is aimed at Hijama therapists, students of Hijama therapy, as well as those that are compassionate and want to learn about Hijama therapy.

2. Is a part manual presentation of Hijama course material from a recognized Hijama course provider, in which each section is divided into clear aims and learning objectives.

3. Gives a step by step guidance on how to use the Complete Manual for Practical Purposes.

4. It will provide in detail, all extracted and condensed information on "The Arabic cupping/Hijama points", such that the reader gains a thorough understanding through its rich contents, and vivid illustrations.

5. Each "Arabic cupping point" is described with its benefits and with a reason as to why it influences the body to bring about healing to disease when they are cupped. The relationship to the body's anatomical locations on which the Hijama-points lie on and the physiological effects produced by Hijama i.e "The Dynamics" to bring about healing is explained via "Medical description, Dermatome action & Relational Organs", with possible diseases. This means that performing Hijama/cupping on these important points and its effects on healing disease; is not through "Lucky-shots or Guesswork"- but healing through Hijama-therapy has a valid scientific & logical explanation.

6. Includes Prophetic Hijama Points, Hadith, Quranic Verses, Health Recipes, and much more, such that their use can be combined for professional purposes and will also serve as reliable educational material.

7. Has specialized Disease Manuals, Disease Directory in which each text offers a wealth of study support.

8. Most importantly it summarizes and highlights the central themes of key information on the major aspects of health and safety operations that relate to Hijama/cupping therapy, dearly set apart from the surrounding text.

9. Overall, the book has rich and comprehensive information such that it can educate the reader to a high degree of understanding on the subject of Hijama /therapy.

About Dr. M I Mughal

Dr. M I Mughal is a highly dedicated professional in the field of holistic sciences. He graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1993 from the University of Wales and continued to pursue his studies at the University of Wolverhampton, where he completed his P.G.C.E in Mathematics.

Thereafter he continued his studies on Alternative therapies with multiple Institutes, achieving 15-Additional Diplomas and Postgraduate studies on Alternative Medicine as well as a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

He is a respectable teacher, lecturer & recognized professional for his work in the field of   ‘Alternative Medicine’. Dr. Mughal has taught and lectured in countries other than the United Kingdom such as; Spain, K.S.A, U.A.E, and Tunisia.

He has written several books on Hijama Therapy that were comprehensive on the subject, he has received much appreciation and commendable attention.

He is also a lead practitioner in Hijama therapy and has been a member of many professional organizations and has made his contributions in the write-up of many journals on Alternative Medicine, throughout his academic Journey.

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Dr. M I Mughal
Nabawi Academy of Hijama Therapy (NAHT)
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