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The Ruqya Handbook
  • The Ruqya Handbook

The Ruqya Handbook

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The Ruqya Handbook is a concise guide to the Prophetic Ruqya and covers the following essential aspects:

- The Benefits of Ruqya

- Manners of the Legislated Ruqya

- The Manners of the Practioner (Raqī)

- The Manners of the Patient

- Conditions of the Ruqya

- The Method of Treatment with Ruqya

- Causes of Sickness

- Preventive Factors of the Cure

- Methods of Fortification and Prevention

- Selected Ruqya from the Noble Quran

- Selected Ruqya from the Prophetic Narrations

- Beneficial Practical Treatments Words of Caution

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The Ruqya Handbook

The Ruqya Handbook

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