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The Journey to Allah
  • The Journey to Allah
  • The Journey to Allah

The Journey to Allah

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Imam Bukhari records on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet pbuh said, "Your actions alone will not save any of you." They asked, "Messenger of Allah, not even you?"  He replied, "Not even me, unless, Allah were to envelop me in His mercy"

"He also recorded this Hadith in another place with the wording, "This religion is easy, none makes it hard upon himself except that it overwhelms him; therefore be firm, steadfast, and balanced; upon which have glad tidings!"

Be firm; steadfast and balanced. Moderation, moderation! Through this you will attain your goal!

He also records on the authority of Aishah that the Prophet said, Be firm, steadfast, and balanced upon which have glad tidings for indeed actions alone will not cause one to enter Paradise. They asked Messenger of Allah, not even you? He replied, Not even me, unless Allah were to envelop me in His forgiveness and mercy.

These noble ahadith detail a great and important principle from which stem many issues related to the journey to Allah while wayfaring along His Path. Some of the Salaf said, The Hereafter consists either of Allahs forgiveness or the Fire; and this world is either a source of Allahs protection or a source of destruction.

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The Journey to Allah

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