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Explanatory Notes on Imam An Nawewees Forty Hadith
  • Explanatory Notes on Imam An Nawewees Forty Hadith

Explanatory Notes on Imam An Nawewees Forty Hadith


Explanatory Notes on Imam An Nawiwi's Forty Hadith

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This amazing compilation of the Hadith, have been the centre of the muslim attention since the great Imam An Nawawee compiled them. Many scholars have revisted them, some for the purpose of memorsing them and other for seeking to elaborate on the wisdoms and lessons that we can all learn from.Subsequently, you have from the scholars those who have compiled forty Hadeeth concerning the fundamentals of the religion; others concerning the subsidiary branches, others concerning Jihaad, others concerning Zuhd, others concerning manners, and others concerning admonishments.

All of them are righteous intentions and may Allaah be pleased with those who had these righteous intentions. I deemed it appropriate to compile forty (Hadeeth) more important than all of these entirely, and it is forty hadeeth that encompasses all of that. Every hadeeth has in it a grand principle from the principles of the religion.The scholars have described it as Islaam orbits and revolves around it, or that it is half of Islaam, or a third of it, or similar to these (statements). Thereafter, I was devoted to making these forty (Hadeeth) authentic. The majority of it is in Bukhaaree and Muslim. I mentioned them without the chains of narration to facilitate its memorization and to make its benefit universal, by the will of Allaah, The Exalted.

Then I trailed it with chapter headings that are precise in their wording.It is appropriate for every person who is striving for the hereafter to have knowledge of these ahadeeth due to what they incorporate of important affairs and due to what they comprise of exhortation and directing to all of the obedient acts. That is apparent to anyone who reflects.The Focus of the 2nd EditionWe have corrected all of the Arabic text from the 1st addition of Explanatory Notes on Imaam an-Nawawee’s Forty Ahaadeeth. We also corrected the Arabic text for all of the Qur’aan used and additional explanatory Ahaadeeth used by Imaam al-Uthaymeen رَحِمَهُ الله to facilitate the memorization of the explanatory proofs for those students of knowledge who wish to memorize further than the forty Ahaadeeth alone.Inall we have a re-edited the old publication thus we have called it Explanatory Notes on Imaam an-Nawawee’s Forty Ahaadeeth -Revisited-.

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Explanatory Notes on Imam An Nawewees Forty Hadith

Explanatory Notes on Imam An Nawiwi's Forty Hadith

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