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Silent Moments
  • Silent Moments

Silent Moments

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Silent Moments the description of Before & After death aspects by Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim, Abu Hazim said "Trade of the Hereafter is not sought after, and whatever is left of it, is about to finish! As a result, no part of it, minor or major, will remain." Whenever the light went out in the house of Hisham bin Abu Abdullah, he would turn around in his bed until his wife brought a light for him. So she asked him why he felt anxious when the light went off and he replied, "When the light goes off, I remember the darkness of the grave." This is why AI-Mu;tasim used to say when he was dying, "If I knew that my life would be this short, I would not have committed what I committed." Also, Caliph AI-Muntasir said at the time of death, when he was wished well, "All will happen except being well! Life has gone away and the Hereafter has come." Ibn Mas;ud ~ once said "The believer will not attain comfort until he meets Allah" Life is Just like a dream that passes as fast as clouds. It is a mere hour of time that soon fades away. It is a journey that has already started and will soon come to an abrupt end.

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Silent Moments

Silent Moments

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