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Forty Hadeeth Al Aajuree
  • Forty Hadeeth Al Aajuree

Forty Hadeeth Al Aajuree

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This collection of 40 hadeeth was compiled before An-Nawawi, by Al-Imam Al-Aajuree. Some of his most famous works are;

  1. The Story and History of Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz (May Allah have mercy on him)
  2. Women’s Verdicts
  3. Etiquettes of the Scholars - printed with the checking by Shaykh Yahyah Al-Hajuree)
  4. Manners for the People of Righteousness and Piety
  5. Etiquettes for Carrying the Quran
  6. Conduct for the Soul
  7. Forty Hadeeth
  8. The Prohibition of Sodomy and Illegal Intercourse
  9. The Prohibition of Backgammon, Chess and Musical Instruments
  10. The Belief in the Vision of Allah
  11. Separation and Seclusion
  12. At-Tahajud
  13. Repentance
  14. Eighty
  15. Good Manners
  16. A Letter to the People of Baghdad
  17. Desires
  18. Explanation of Sijistanees Poetry
  19. As-Shari’ah (a book of aqeedah)
  20. The Strangers Among the Believers
  21. The Obligation of Seeking Knowledge
  22. The Qadr
  23. The Matter about Reciting the Quran During Tawwaf
  24. A Concise Manual of Fiqh
  25. The Book of Advice 

The scholars’ statements about him, Ibn Nadeem said, ''He was a legal jurist and righteous servant.”

Khateeb Al-Baghdadee and As-Samanee said, "He was trustworthy and reliable, a person who authored many books.”

Ibn al-Jawzee said, "He was trustworthy, a scholar and a writer.”

Ibn Kathir said, "He was honest, trustworthy and devout. He authored many important books.”

Imam Ath-Thahabee said, He was an Imam, scholar of hadeeth in Baghdad and writer of numerous books. He was a supporter and companion of the Sunnah.”

This book contains hadeeth and their explanation for vital aspects or worship and Aqeedah.

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