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8 Steps to Happiness by Shaykh Nasir As Sadi

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Everyone chases after happiness, yet few fully recognise what it is or whence it comes from. Happiness isn’t a destination but a journey needing certain inner qualities and a right state of mind to experience and reap. It’s neither sold as a commodity nor can be bought, except through carefully crafting one’s character and following a plan of action.
For indeed, those who don’t plan will fail to realise desired results. The Messenger of Allah ( peace and blesings be upon him) said, “Those among us (destined to be) from
people of happiness [in the Hereafter] will (find it easy to) enact deeds of people of happiness...” [Sahih Al-Bukhari, #4948]
In other words, by choosing a path reflecting attitudes of happy people one will recognise its reality and the ease and pleasantry in having good deeds done that are in themselves, characteristics of happy people. It requires a contemplation of an alternate world view to one that compounds first world problems, for example.
Shaykh Nasir Al-Sa’di mentions in this short summary, eight ways to achieving the goal of bringing about happiness, while driving away its opposites - sadness, grief and anxiety. Reaching it is contingent on three main causes he identifies to leading a goodly life. These succinct pointers are easy to understand and you’ll be able to identify the impediments you need to rework and hence live your life with happiness.
This will transform you into being the best Muslim you can in today’s complex world, and will also inspire you to train your inner self. Whoever follows these eight steps will find self awareness and a pathway to joy and success in this life and the next, Insha’Allah.

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